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Wedding Videographer: Separating the Best from the Rest

Hiring a Wedding Videographer is now one of the most important elements in a bride's budget. You may see the need for wedding videography after hearing regretsfrom other brides.

It is difficult to hire a good videographer last minute. If you are on top of your wedding, you already planned videography in your budgetRegardless, by the end of this article, you will have a better idea, the difference between a new and experienced videographer, what videography costs and, how finding the right wedding videographer can save your marriage.

The Difference Between New and Experienced Videographers

You are able to see the difference between good and poor quality clothing. Can you tell the difference between an experienced and a new videographer?

The Newbie: If you like to visit Las Vegas ($500 - $1500)

Is hiring a new videographer a gamble you are willing to take? I was once a new wedding videographer and can promise you that I was only worth the $700 I was charging. Check out these ways to see if your videographer is a newbie.

How to Know if a Wedding Videographer is New?

Ask them these Questions

In a recent article, we broke down the best questions to ask your videographer. A new videographer will struggle to answer these questions well.

Look at their Portfolio

If they have less than 10 weddings in their portfolio they are a newbie.

If their portfolio isn't about weddings (i.e. Car videos, commercials)

Wedding videography is 100% different than staged videography. It would be like calling an uber driver a professional racer the same thing.

Why You Shouldn't Hire New

  • New Videographers lack wedding day etiquette
  • They do not have quality equipment
  • They can be more focused on building their portfolio than caring about your wedding
    • This is a big sore subject for me. I have worked with photographers and videographers who cared more about their portfolio. It puts stress and awkwardness on the couple and takes them away from enjoying their wedding.
  • They may be using your wedding to branch into other areas of videography
  • The lack of ability to tell your wedding story.
    • When I was new I would point the camera at something happening and press record. I did not create a story out of what I was filming.

Only Reason Why New Can Be Good

If your wedding is a year or more away, hiring a new videographer to fit your budget might be an okay gamble. After a year or more, a new videographer will have more experience and might not be as risky to film your wedding.

Experienced Videographers: If You Enjoy Peace of Mind ($2,000 - $10,000+)

If you want to know exactly what you will get, hire a videographer with experience. These videographers understand weddings, have a nice portfolio and commit to wedding filmmaking.

How to Know if Your Wedding Videographer has Experience?

Ask them these Questions

I said a minute ago how these questions will stump a newbie. An experienced videographer will answer these questions with ease. You will feel like hiring them is a good decision.

Look at their portfolio

  • An experienced videographer will have at least 15 videos.
  • Do they have a style? By 2-3 years of experience, wedding videographers have nailed their signature style.

Why You Need Experience

  • You will feel more comfortable and less stressed.
  • You will feel confident that your wedding film won't be an embarrassment.
  • They know how to film and edit so you will remember your day in an accurate way.
  • They work well with the photographer, DJ, and other vendors.

Downsides of Experience

More experience comes with higher price tags

To sum it up, the decision to go with a new videographer versus an experienced videographer is up to you. But, the pros of having experience outweigh the cons of stretching your budget a bit. Do your research and find someone with a style that fits you first before you look at their prices.

What does Wedding Videography Cost?

National Average: $2,021

In 2018 The Knot  took a survey of 14,000 newlyweds. The average couple stated to have spent $2,021 on their wedding videographer. 

Breakdown Of The Numbers

It is important to note that the survey included couples that spent $0 on photo and video.

The average cost of US weddings is $33,931. That means 6% of the budget is going towards a videographer. Adding on the US average for wedding photographers,, couples are using 13% of the budget for media.

You are putting time and effort into planning your wedding. Only using 13% of the budget towards the legacy of the day is the least you should do. A couple that sees the value of remembering their wedding will spend 20%-30% of their budget on a photo and video team.  

A big part of finding the right wedding videographer is budget-based. 

Read How To Price Wedding Videography So You Get More For Your Money

How Finding The Right Videographer Can Save Your Marriage

This may sound like a stretch. Having a quality video can bring encouragement when times get tough in marriage. You may not know this yet but marriage is hard. Remembering why you made a commitment to your spouse is the key to loving through the pain.

The Right Videographer Makes Your Wedding Better

We all are aware of wedding day hype and the nerves that come along with it. A good videographer will turn those nerves into fun and laughter. They will go the extra mile during every part of the wedding to ensure every moment is exactly what you want. Having the right videographer (and photographer) can make or break your wedding day.

The Right Videographer Makes You Remember Why You Got Married

We can all look at the wedding pictures and come up with 1000 words to define it. The reality is as times change so does our perception. As we grow in our marriage we don’t see our spouses the way we did on our wedding day. The beauty of your wedding film is that every time you watch it you remember “I Do”. The spoken agreement that through good times and bad you will stick with your spouse. 

A wedding film doesn’t promise that your marriage will be better but it does help get it started on the right foot!

We hope that this guide will help you with finding the perfect wedding videographer. To learn more about wedding videography, check out our other articles or give us a phone call! We would be happy to help!   

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