Can You Spot The TLIC Difference?

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Why Wedding Videography with TLIC Media? 

Congratulations! You have found out how awesome wedding videography is. Now, you are looking for the one that's right for your big day. You found us! Now you may wonder, what makes TLIC Media different?


Our main goal at TLIC Media is to create a stress-free wedding videography experience. Our team works together to come up with creative ideas that make you time with us unforgettable.

From the first time you talk with us, you will feel how comforting we are. We love to get to know you, your love story, and your wedding plans. Then, we walk you through the process and teach you the VIP's of wedding videography (Very Important Points).

You can expect the ease to continue as you move forward booking with us. Our simple proposal gives you a breakdown of service, payment schedule, and an agreement everyone benefits from. Payment is simple, fast, and can be online. The first 50% locks down your date, the final 50% follows 1 month after your wedding. This can help you manage when so many payments are due right before your wedding.

At this point, you get to relax knowing that your wedding film is in good hands. We will send you helpful articles if you like or leave you alone to plan your wedding in peace!


As your date approaches, we make sure to go over your final timeline with you. This is important to us. We want to make sure that you know the positives and negatives of your schedule. During this meeting, we get to know you even more. We talk about song choices, the most important moments, the focus you want for your films and so much more. You will know before your wedding that the film(s) will reflect your personality.

It's Here. 

Like that test that snuck up on you in school, your wedding day will be here in a flash. We will be there early to say hello to everyone before we set up and start filming. Usually, this is a good time for us to fly our drone and get your details (rings, invitations, sentimentals). Depending on how you set up your timeline we will get any footage you want of the wedding party getting ready. This is one of the more entertaining parts of the day for us. The nerves, excitement, and joy coming from everyone involved. We love it! It's also a time for creative shots. We can set things up in the room for you to look stunning or take a candid approach for a more natural look.

I can't touch on too much of the rest of the day because everyone has a unique wedding. Getting to know your plans ahead of time makes us able to give you a personalized experience that is only for you! What I can say is that throughout every moment of your wedding we are looking for opportunities to make it the best day ever!

It's Done

After your wedding, we hope you are able to enjoy a nice honeymoon. When you arrive back home you will find a shipment has arrived. Inside you will find your hard drive and two secret gifts. The gifts are secret and they are both super awesome. By the time you feel settled, you will get an email from us with the first draft of your film(s), unless you get our Video Premiere service. More on that later. When you watch the film you will be able to note anything you do or do not like. We will work on the video again and within the month have a final polished and shined version of your wedding film(s).

On to this video premiere. If you want to have a fun experience with your close people we will come to you and show your video for the first time. Without your guests knowing it we will hide a camera and mic in the room. We then make a reaction film for you!

Check out Amber and Andre's Reaction Film.

In the end you will feel like the investment you made into your wedding was well worth it. After all, you now have an amazing way for you, your family, and future generations to remember all the hard work and love that went into your wedding.

As the leading wedding videographers in Frederick, Maryland, we always put you first. Although videography is our passion we partner with the best vendors is the industry. You can even find some hidden discounts when you bundle services with us!

To learn more about the services we offer at TLIC Media, please click here.

We serve couples across Frederick County, Montgomery County,Washington County, Howard County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Adams County, York County, Loudoun County, Fairfax & Washington, D.C.

We have not yet, but would love the opportunity to do a destination wedding. Let us know about your destination and we will be there!

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